Melbourne based singer, songwriter, and producer, Renee Naccari, has taken a new genre defying approach to Pop music, combining atmospheric, bright, and dusty elements of R&B, Lo-fi, Jazz, indie, and a hint of rock. Expect the unexpected with each new song, lush trademark harmonies and insanely versatile vocals, often compared to Ariana Grande. Renee can swing between raging vocal runs to, whistle tones, to a smoky deep voice with playful yet dark undertones. 

Coming from a musical background, Renee has been playing piano from before she could remember, and at 15, self-taught herself how to play the guitar, starting on her mother’s 33-year-old nylon Takamine guitar. Since the young age of four, her father, Adrian Naccari, has been her strongest support cast along the way, whether it’s videoing or cheering her on from the crowd, or helping her produce her next album, he has always invested his time and energy into her success as an artist and as a daughter. As her father was a singer from a young age, music has always been an important

factor in Renee’s life growing up.

Renee released her first track when she was just 12 years old under the name ‘Renée', titled “How I Felt About You”. Since then, Renee’s musical resume has already received numerous accolades throughout her music career. In 2017, Renee co-wrote and featured on a track titled “Over Again”, which surpassed over 65K streams on SoundCloud. Despite the many views, the song was put together in under two hours, with Renee sitting under a desk with a crappy mic recording her lines in order to get the right sound she wanted. Since then, Renee was chosen one of only three singers from the state of Victoria selected to perform at Top Class, a showcase which includes outstanding VCE music students. In 2019, Renee came to cross-roads and pushed her old dream of becoming a lawyer to the side, and decided to study a bachelor of Music Performance at college of the arts, COLLARTS, where her talents really started to flourish. 

After releasing her single ‘Burning Up’ in 2019, Renee has continued to showcase her talents, with the releases of her singles ‘Moment’ and ‘Someone Hear Me’ in early 2020. She is currently working alongside her father on her debut album “PREVIEW”, finding inspiration from the likes of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, BANKS, Lana Del Ray, and Evanescence. PREVIEW is set to be released in October 2021 and will be a “preview” of what she has to offer her listeners, exploring multiple genres mostly centred around chill pop, rock, and Indie.

“PREVIEW has been an ongoing project for nearly a year and a half. I like to think that it shows the many different emotions that have been a part of my life, whether it's happiness, sadness, numbness or hopefulness. I really hope that my listeners can embark on a journey with me when they listen to this album.” - Renee Naccari